Understanding Prediabetes -- Webinar

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1 session
Learn about lifestyle changes that can help prevent diabetes. This group webinar is led by a registered dietitian. It's your opportunity to learn more about what exactly prediabetes is. You'll discuss some lifestyle changes that can help prevent diabetes. Make a difference to your health and find out about resources that can help you.
(503) 286-6816 (503) 286-6816

Materials and resouces will be shared with you after you attend the webinar. To register, sign up online . Click on “Schedule appointment,” then scroll down to Health and Wellness Education. From there, select the class, location, and date that you want. Or call 503-286-6816 or 1-866-301-3866 and select option 1.

You can find info and resources to help you take charge of your health at kp.org/healthengagement/prediabetes.