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Cheynie Nakano, MD

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Mi especialidad:
Family Medicine

Mi afiliación de proveedor:
Kaiser Permanente provider

Idioma que hablo: English

Sexo: Mujer

Dónde ejerzo mi práctica médica

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Acerca de mí

I was born in Honolulu and have lived on Oahu for nearly my entire life. I graduated from Kalani High School and then spent two years at the University of San Francisco before transferring back home to the University of Hawaii. I attended the John A. Burns School of Medicine at UH, did my internship and residency with the University of Hawaii Family Medicine Residency Program, and did a fellowship with the University of Hawaii Geriatric Medicine Fellowship program.

Acerca de mi práctica médica

My mom, a nurse, inspired my interest in the medical field and in caring for others. When I was in high school, my obachan (great-grandmother) developed Alzheimer's. It was difficult for our family to watch her illness progress and eventually take her from us. This reinforced my passion for medicine, both in learning about illness and educating and helping families. I also very much enjoyed human biology.

My love for family medicine developed gradually. Continuity of care and getting to know my patients were what initially drew me to this specialty. I also appreciated the importance of preventive care and the careful management of chronic medical conditions. I found that I enjoyed women's health and that I loved being able to treat an entire family, from seeing a little boy in clinic with his parents, to delivering his newborn sister, to treating his grandparents. Family medicine became the logical choice of specialty for me.

My research on the relationship between the inability to swallow and all-cause mortality was displayed at the Presidential Poster Presentation at an American Geriatric Society Meeting in California as part of the Honolulu Asia Aging Study. I also co-wrote a research paper on the effects of nutritional deficiency on West Nile virus during pregnancy that was published in Virology Journal.

I keep up with current medical research by reading online and paper journals and articles, checking medical websites, getting notices via medical phone apps, and discussing new recommendations with fellow colleagues.

I joined the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group because we share beliefs and goals pertaining to care. I, too, have a passion for helping the whole patient, for providing safe, quality care, and for practicing preventive medicine so that conditions don’t worsen and require hospitalization.

My primary philosophy of care, in fact, is to treat the patient in a broad, inclusive manner. This includes addressing social situations, listening to the patient’s concerns, doing patient and family education, and anything else that could relate to the person's condition. I try to ensure that the patient understands, agrees with, and is comfortable with any proposed treatment plan. By nature I’m a friendly person. Listening and understanding a person's situation and medical problems helps me to connect with my patients. I also just enjoy talking story with everyone!

Cómo vivo bien

I try to stay healthy by spending time with my family and loved ones, eating together and laughing together. I also run on my treadmill and exercise to workout videos. I enjoy fiction, watching movies, and eating at new places. Once in a while I also enjoy a good shopping day!

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Mi consultorio

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Grupos médicos y planes

Hawaii Permanente Medical Group

Family Medicine
1010 Pensacola Street, Honolulu, HI 96814
List Header Plans Accepted

Este proveedor acepta todos los planes de salud de Kaiser Permanente. Obtenga más información.

Información de contacto

  • 24-hour prescription refill
  • 808-643-7979
  • 24/7 Advice
  • 808-432-7600
  • Appointment cancellations
  • 808-432-2000
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • 808-432-7600
  • Information and appointments
  • 808-432-2000
  • Member Services
  • 1-800-966-5955 (toll free)
  • Pharmacy
  • 808-643-7979

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Mi formación, certificados y licencias

Escuela de medicina

University of Hawaii
Honolulu , HI

Autorización del Colegio de Médicos

Family Medicine

American Board of Family Medicine

Para verificar la autorización del Colegio de Médicos de un médico en particular, visite los sitios web del American Board of Medical Specialties, de la American Medical Association o de la American Osteopathic Association.

Formación médica


Family Medicine

University of Hawaii
Mililani , HI


Family Medicine

University of Hawaii
Mililani , HI


Geriatric Fellowship

University of Hawaii Geriatric Medicine Program
Honolulu , HI

Se unió a Permanente Medical Group


Identificación del proveedor



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Mis hospitales

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Si desea encontrar:

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  • los proveedores incluidos en su plan o que aceptan pacientes nuevos, llame al 1-800-966-5955 (sin costo) o al 711 (línea TTY para personas con problemas auditivos o del habla)

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