About Me

I am a native Oregonian. I love to travel but would not live anywhere else than Oregon because of our natural beauty, outdoor activities and just the right balance of larger city/small town feel. My son and I live with our dog in Hillsboro and enjoy being part of the community. I have always been interested in medicine and did vision research before attending optometry school. I was interested in vision because the eyes are an extension of the brain and how we perceive the world which is unique to each person.

About my practice

I practice comprehensive optometry and see patients for general examinations, medical optometry, and post-operative care. I am also one of our low vision specialists, which means I work with members who have significantly reduced vision due to medical reasons to help them optimize their remaining vision and possibly use adaptive devices for their daily activities. I do not currently fit or evaluate contact lenses. I prefer to work as a partner with patients, giving them the information needed to make their own health choices and designing options to meet the needs of their visual lifestyle.

How I thrive

I love to travel to see new places. During our few months of good weather, I hike and get outdoors as much as possible. I read to learn, keep my mind active and have some time alone. Several times per week, I meditate and do yoga. It helps me reduce stress and keep my mind calm and focused. My son keeps me busy with kid's activities, which keeps me young at heart, and I volunteer a few times a year at various venues doing free eye exams to help the underserved parts of our community.