About Me

I consider it a privilege to provide anesthesia for Kaiser Permanente members coming in for cardiac and thoracic surgery. I started my medical career as a physician in the Indian Army in 1994. I moved to the United States in 2000 and completed residency training in anesthesiology at the University of Florida and fellowship training in cardiac anesthesiology at Stanford University. I joined Kaiser Permanente Northwest in 2009 when the cardiac surgery program was started.

About my practice

Our young three year old cardiac surgery program has established itself as the only program in Oregon to receive the highest three star rating. We strive to provide the most advanced care available to our members including beating heart coronary artery bypass, complex heart valve repairs and replacements and advanced aortic surgery. As a cardiac anesthesiologist, my role is to provide a safe and comfortable transit to patients through this challenging phase. My special area of interest is three dimensional echocardiography, an imaging modality that enables surgeons to evaluate and plan for complex heart valve repairs.

How I thrive

My work is my bliss and I am fortunate to have a great family including my wife and two young sons. We came to the Northwest with great expectations of the wonderful outdoors and Northwest cuisine and have not been disappointed.