About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'd like to introduce myself, and help you get to know me better. Hopefully, this will make your hospital experience more pleasant and less stressful. I look forward to taking care of you and your children.


Although I have lived in Vietnam, and on both coasts of the United States, I have spent the majority of my life in Southern California. For me, practicing medicine is both a profession and a way to help others. I combine my love of travel with my passion for medicine by going on medical missions to Vietnam, where I provide care to underserved babies and children in remote villages.

About my practice

Here in Orange County, I treat patients in a caring environment as part of a supportive professional team. In my practice, I see patients of all ages. It is important to put my patients at ease during the pre-operative interview before they're brought into surgery.

How I thrive

Every day is a gift and a blessing. I start out each day by choosing to be happy. Good mental health and positive emotions enhance my physical wellbeing. This gives me the energy and enthusiasm to enjoy both my work and my leisure time. I love to travel with my family and play with my children. We go on bicycle rides, swim, play basketball and baseball, and try to live in the moment.