About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I'm pleased to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you, and describe my unique practice.


I completed my pediatric training at Children's Hospital Oakland, and my dermatology training at Stanford University. I developed an interest in pediatric dermatology during my pediatric residency. While working with the pediatric dermatologist at Children's Hospital Oakland, I was able to see a multitude of rare and interesting cases. At Stanford, I was very fortunate to work with the late Alvin Jacobs, MD, an early pioneer and leader in pediatric dermatology. My husband’s career prompted our family to move from San Francisco to Southern California. I found myself in a new city with a developmentally delayed and hearing impaired two-year-old son and a new two-week-old son. We thrived here as a family. My hearing-impaired son trained in a culinary program and cooks, but his real love is deep sea fishing. My younger son recently graduated from UC Berkeley, and works in the Bay Area. I enjoy teaching the next generation of pediatric dermatologists. I am a clinical professor at UC Irvine School of Medicine, and have been teaching dermatology residents and medical students throughout my career. I currently mentor dermatology residents at the Barranca Medical Offices, and regularly give pediatric dermatology lectures.

About my practice

I am a board-certified dermatologist and pediatric dermatologist. I have practiced at Kaiser Permanente in Orange County for over twenty years. Early on, I was the only pediatric dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. Now there are five of us serving the Southern California region. I have been fortunate to work at Kaiser Permanente because pediatric dermatology is a subspecialty that is usually only found at large university hospitals or children's hospitals.

How I thrive

My family loves to cook, eat, and entertain. Because we do love to eat, I exercise daily at the gym, on the elliptical machine at home, or in a yoga class. My husband and I also care for our elderly parents. We try to ski, snowboard, play tennis, golf, and travel as a family as often as we can. We also participate in volunteer work with developmentally delayed children in Orange County. This brings us closer as a family and, and gives a sense of pride and satisfaction in what we can do for others.