About Me

I am a Pacific Northwest native, raised in Seattle, WA. Before starting medical school, I worked as a systems analyst at The Boeing Company, obtained an MBA from Seattle University and went to Yale, where I completed their physician assistant program. As a physician assistant, I worked in cardiovascular surgery, family practice and finally in physiatry. I was delighted to be accepted at Oregon Health and Sciences University for medical school and graduated from there in 2001. My residence in physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) was completed at the University of Washington, followed by two years of fellowship training at the Seattle VA Hospital, where I worked both with people who had multiple sclerosis and amputations.

About my practice

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) has many facets. We see people who have functional needs due to stroke, spinal cord injury, amputation, multiple sclerosis and a variety of other conditions. We also see people who have unresolved musculoskeletal problems and try to make additional recommendations that will let them continue to function in their environment. In addition, we do testing to evaluate nerve function.

How I thrive

I enjoy gardening, used library book sales and Dr. Oz. I thrive by including an hour of exercise a day in my schedule (since I encourage every patient to do so), and trying to find time to meditate, attend church and obtain eight hours of sleep every night. I also enjoy cooking for the family and love to try out new recipes.