About Me

Hello! I hope you find the following information helpful. I am an obstetrician/gynecologist dedicated to providing quality health care for women. For me, this means caring for women throughout their adolescence and adulthood.


I grew up in the small desert town of Blythe, California, and I graduated from Perris High School. I then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology/Biology from UC Riverside. After that, I had my medical training USC Medical School. I became an obstetrician/gynecologist because I wanted to help women empower themselves when it comes to their bodies. I want to help women not be afraid of normal transitions and body functions. I have a wonderfully supportive family who championed me during my pursuit of a career in medicine.

About my practice

I care for pregnant women and manage high-risk and normal pregnancies. I provide care and educate women about normal perimenopause and menopause transitions. I believe that if women care for their bodies by exercising, eating healthy, and keeping mentally active, most of the different stages in their lives can be normal and positive. My philosophy is to educate, give my patients choices, and allow them to choose which method and philosophy is going to work for them. Every person has a different background, different coping mechanisms, and different ideas of what is best for them. I try to give everyone the pros and cons of each option available, even the option of doing nothing at all. I perform laparoscopic gynecologic surgery when women decide that it is the best option for them. I prefer laparoscopic surgery, because there is less scarring and a faster recovery time, which helps women get back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

How I thrive

I thrive by being active. I play soccer with a women’s league in town and chase my very active son and daughter around. I love participating in team sports, but I will jog if I am not able to join a team. I do in my life what I advocate for others: I eat plenty of vegetables and fiber, limit junk food in my diet, and drink plenty of water. I do like my coffee, though, especially in the morning! I am happy being a physician, I love being a mom, I enjoy time with my husband, and I try to see the positive in all things. I hope you do, too!