About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I'm glad to have the opportunity to present my credentials to you and share other information about myself. I feel very fortunate to work at Kaiser Permanente, and I look forward to providing you with podiatric medical or surgical care.


I am a native Southern Californian and grew up in the San Gabriel Valley area, attending local schools and undergraduate studies at UCLA. I consider myself privileged to be able to practice in and give back to the communities where I was born and raised. I am married and have teenage children, and I greatly enjoy being an integral part of their lives, trying to keep involved and contribute to their many school and extracurricular activities.

About my practice

I believe that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and actively seeking preventive care is important to staying well and living a higher-quality and "longer-quantity" life. As a podiatric specialist, I greatly enjoy working as a team with the primary care physicians, specialty physicians, and other health care providers at Kaiser Permanente to help keep our patients, at all ages, comfortable, ambulatory, and healthy.

How I thrive

I firmly believe in Kaiser Permanente’s philosophy of health in mind, body, and spirit, and I try to integrate this belief into my daily life. Outside of work, my immediate and extended family is my priority. By staying involved and active in my son and daughters activities, I find that I manage to stay in good physical condition, playing baseball, volleyball, running and sparring in tae kwon do with them. Kaiser Permanente provides wonderful medical care for my family and I appreciate providing that same high-quality care to all the patients who have entrusted me with their foot care health.