About Me

I’m excited about sharing my Web page with you. Thank you for visiting, and I look forward to meeting you! My team and I are committed to making health care convenient and easy for you.


I was born in California’s Central Valley, in the city of Hanford. I lived the first four years of my life in Corcoran, California, the cotton capital of the world. It’s the place my father’s family has called home since 1928. My mother’s family has been rooted in San Dimas since 1929. Our family moved to San Dimas in 1963, when the complications of diabetes incapacitated mi abuela (my grandmother), and my mother came back to care for her. In those days, there was very little that could be done to treat diabetes. I still remember my mother’s eyes when she saw that abuela’s spirit had left her body. I have seen that look again and again in the eyes of others who have lost their loved ones to diabetes. I became a physician to join a team that is dedicated to making lives better.

About my practice

As an internist, I specialize in adult medicine. I feel fortunate to be part of a group of physicians that work together to care for you. Our electronic record system allows me to have access to your medical record for each and every visit. By using Kasier Permanente.org, you can communicate with my office via email, and you also have access to part of your own medical record. I enjoy being able to answer questions via the computer when possible.

How I thrive

I enjoy hiking, tennis, softball, working out, and farming. My wife and I make jams and jellies. We like to make each other laugh, and we focus on seeing the positive side of what life brings us. The most important thing we have is the time we spend together.