About Me

I am originally from Brazil, and I enjoy my profession to the fullest. It gives me great pleasure to be able to help my patients.I am a proud father of two children, who are great individuals in caring for their communities, sharing their wonderful talents and learning how to become responsible citizens to improve our world. My family and I love to visit new places, both domestic and international. We enjoy interacting with people, learning about different cultures and appreciating the beauty this world can provide us.

About my practice

I believe in sharing what I know with others, and in particular, giving my patients all the necessary information for them to make an educated decision and be able to actively participate in the medical decision making. Critical to my practice is the ability to listen carefully to what the patients have to say about their conditions so that I can tailor their medical management in an effective manner.I am privileged to have a job where I can be of assistance to people and somehow participate in their lives. The dynamics of interacting with our members every day makes this job so special. I enjoy bringing laughter to my encounters, but never at the expense of the patient.

How I thrive

Music has been my passion, whether singing or playing instruments. I feel blessed that all the members in my family have a great appreciation and musical talent, as we play regularly in a band with other members.I believe laughter is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and I love to exercise, which is something I strongly pitch to my patients. I extend my passion for interacting with people by finding time to travel to visit different cultures, people and places. All these facets of my life outside of the work environment energize me to better attend to our members.