About Me

Thanks for visiting my Web page. I hope that you will learn a little about me and how I fit into the team of professionals who care for our members.


A native San Diegan, I grew up not too far from the San Diego Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and watched it being built. Several other people in my family are Kaiser Permanente physicians: a brother in the Portland area, and my wife, who is a pediatrician. Everyone in my family is a Kaiser Permanente member.

About my practice

I have been an internal medicine hospitalist since 1993. A hospitalist is an internal medicine specialist who cares for members who have been admitted to the hospital with internal medicine conditions, I consult and admit members from the emergency department and in the hospital. I also team with our surgical specialists when members are admitted to the hospital for surgery. I work with some of the finest and smartest physicians that I have ever met and am proud to be part of this team.

How I thrive

I love to read and travel with my family, which includes three kids in college and/or graduate school. My passion is traveling and photography, and I have taken thousands of photos all over the world. Some of them are actually quite good!