About Me

I was born and raised in the Midwest and remain a proud Hoosier from Northwest Indiana at heart. I have had a strong interest in medicine, and specifically pediatrics, since I was a child. I was inspired by my own pediatrician while spending time in her office as an intern during summer breaks. I am fascinated by the changes that children experience as they grow and develop, and how children differ medically from adults.

About my practice

 I believe that providing children with a strong and healthy start gives them the best opportunity to lead a successful and healthy life. I enjoy caring for all pediatric age groups, as they each have unique developmental needs. I believe in a family-centered approach to my medical practice. All families have specific needs and situations, and I believe that partnering with families and communities for their children's care is paramount to successful treatment.

How I thrive

I thrive through a life of service to my family, friends and community. I am energized by spending time with the people that I love. I also feel a sense of purpose though activities in my church and community. I believe that we are best able to care for others by caring for ourselves. In the spirit of self-care, I enjoy running road races, cooking, baking and traveling around the world to experience beautiful new places and cultures.