About Me

I grew up in northern Virginia and completed my master’s degree in social work at Virginia Commonwealth University. In high school, I realized I wanted to work in health care, helping others. I had important role models—a social worker and a psychiatric nurse. Inspired by these women, I decided to focus on mental health. After graduate school, I explored the West Coast for places to relocate and fell in love with the Northwest. I lived in Portland for many years before moving to a nearby rural community, where I have enjoyed living and raising my family.

About my practice

I am a clinical social worker, licensed in both Washington and Oregon. I have worked for Kaiser Permanente in the Mental Health Department for more than 10 years, both in the intensive outpatient program and as an outpatient mental health therapist. Currently, I am a behavioral health consultant, which allows me to work as part of the primary care team. I help individuals who have physical or emotional health challenges to change behaviors or strengthen coping skills, in an effort to help them feel better and manage their health issues more effectively. In this role, I see members on a short-term basis, generally 1-5 visits.

How I thrive

Outside of my job, I enjoy time with my family and friends. We camp, explore the Northwest, and stay busy with lots of projects around our home. I like to garden—perennials, fruits, and vegetables. I enjoy preserving our food and have been learning to can and ferment all sorts of edibles. We have dogs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and goats, which also keep me busy.