About Me

I am a family medicine physician with the Colorado Permanente Medical Group. As a partner provider, I care for Kaiser Permanente patients across Colorado, instead of at a single medical office.

My wife and I moved to Colorado in the summer of 1998, attracted by the mountains and the big blue skies, and we haven’t looked back. We have 4 kids who have thoroughly enjoyed growing up with the Rocky Mountains as their playground. I come from a family of educators and came close to pursuing a purely academic path in family medicine before I came to Colorado. I have had wonderful opportunities with Kaiser Permanente and the Colorado Permanente Medical Group during my career to participate in educational efforts across the medical education spectrum. I am currently involved in developing the curriculum for the Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine in Pasadena, California.

About my practice

I chose family medicine as my specialty because I worked with family physicians during medical school and residency who were wonderful people and who provided excellent care to patients from the very young to the very old. I have aspired to be like those physicians. I try to work with each person I see to decide together on approaches to diagnosis and treatment that, while informed by the best available scientific evidence, align with that person’s values, preferences, and health goals. The doctor-patient relationship can be likened to a row boat – it works best when we get in, sit side by side, each taking an oar, and paddle together to help you reach your health goals. I enjoy participating on the Partner Provider team to help cover for Primary Care physicians when they are away.

How I thrive

For me, life is best ordered by faith, family, community, and meaningful work. We are actively involved in our local church. We have the blessing of my extended family living nearby in the metropolitan Denver area. I enjoy listening to books on Audible — typically history, philosophy and faith. Our family enjoys hiking and camping in the warmer months and skiing in the winter. Our family wouldn’t be complete without our 2 large dogs and 2 cats.