About Me

I was born in Idaho and have made my home in the Portland, Oregon metro area where I completed my education. I have specialized in working with recovering adults and have been a practitioner for over 30 years. I have both a personal and professional connection to recovery from chemical dependency addictions. I have been involved in the treatment of substance abuse, serving clients in group and individual settings through out my professional career. I have seen substance abuse trends ebb and flow over my career and see it as a continuing challenge for many members of society. I have been licensed as a clinical social worker by the State Board of Social Work and the Oregon Health Department since 1988, and I complete continuing education through the national certification board on an annual basis.

About my practice

When individuals strive to acquire recovery skills they have an opportunity to examine all aspects of their life. The tasks of recovery emphasize taking an honest look at yourself, developing the ability to communicate with others, management of your emotions, and how to connect with recovering folks. My job with Kaiser Permanente has allowed me to practice in an excellent clinical setting as my colleagues are highly competent. We have the full gamut of treatment services with strong technical support.

How I thrive

I enjoy reading, kayaking, and I am a fishing enthusiast.