About Me

By age four, I was a world traveler. My father’s job with an international organization took me and my family to various exotic locales, including Vienna, Austria, Bangkok, Thailand, and Manila, Philippines. After completing high school in Manila, I returned to my birth place of Austria to pursue a career in medicine. I regard myself as a typical "third culture kid” having grown up between Asia and Europe with an American father and an Austrian mother. I have also found that Hawaii is the ideal place to raise my family because it is such an amazing multicultural environment. My wife, who is also a physician, has been my main source of energy and inspiration along with my two young daughters.

About my practice

I have always had a passion for the biological sciences and helping people. From the moment I witnessed my first delivery in medical school, I knew that obstetrics and gynecology (Ob/Gyn) medicine was the right path for me. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of such an important moment in a woman's life. To this day I find it awe inspiring to witness the formation of a new family. I love the mix of obstetrics, internal medicine and surgery that Ob/Gyn medicine represents and have found that this specialty affords great opportunities in preventive health care. I enjoy the ease of access to the different departments and specialties here within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group. I am supported by an excellent and congenial staff and fellow physicians who emphasize the value of teamwork both here on Maui and with our counterparts on Oahu. I like to think of myself as a partner in my patients’ care, accompanying them on their journey throughout the different stages of life. My colleagues and I firmly believe in preventive health care, and strive to present evidence-based information to my patients so they can make informed decisions. I’m genuinely interested in learning about my patients’ lives and love sharing a good laugh with them.

How I thrive

I spend as much quality time as possible with my family which keeps me mentally healthy. I also enjoy jogging and walking on the beach with my two dogs. For fun, I love to scuba dive and explore the world. Expanding my creativity little by little, I am learning to cook dishes from many different countries. In addition, I have always held a special affinity towards the Hispanic culture and am constantly working on improving my Spanish language skills.