About Me

I practiced in South Florida for many years before moving to Atlanta in 2014. Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, I attended Johns Hopkins University, followed by Howard University College of Medicine. I completed my pediatric residency at the University of Maryland. I am board certified in pediatrics and a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

About my practice

 My professional philosophy is to provide excellent care to the families I serve while building long-term partnerships, built on trust and mutual respect. I am honored to work with families to prevent disease and promote healthy lifestyles for all children. My medical care team is ready to serve you and your child with commitment and compassion.

How I thrive

To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be." I choose to be happy and greet the world with my smile each day. I am blessed to have a wonderful family that helps me stay balanced and thrive. I enjoy traveling, exploring new cultures and long walks on the beach.