About Me

I spent most of childhood in southern New Mexico but growing up in the military allowed for a lot of travel up and down the west coast and Hawaii but I always wanted to return to the Northwest. I grew up traveling and share that joy with my husband. We moved to Portland from San Francisco in 2006 and have no plans of leaving. I decided to pursue a career as a Nurse Practitioner while in the Peace Corps in North Africa so that I continue traveling and give back to any community I lived in.

About my practice

I started my nursing career in emergency medicine in Oakland, California and have found a home within Kaiser Permanente in Urgent Care, here in the Northwest. Being part of an organization dedicated to health is important to me. I believe in prevention and I find fulfillment in caring for people in an acute setting. For many, this may be only time they seek medical care and I find it is a great opportunity to reinforce healthy lifestyle habits. In the Urgent Care setting we strive to provide high quality care and services and I actively participate with my department in improving how we take care of our patients.

How I thrive

In addition to traveling I enjoy walking my dog, hiking with my family, cooking and training for marathons. I completed my first marathon here in Portland and have been inspired by those participants who have continued to complete marathons well into their retirement. I have found a lot of support and camaraderie among my colleagues and patients to pursue a healthy active life and my goal is to remain healthy and active well into my old age, through exercise, healthy diet and having fun with friends and family.