About Me

I grew up outside of New York City and I always wanted to be a physician. I was the first in my family to attend college and medical school. I moved to Colorado to enjoy the bounty of outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking and biking with my husband and kids.

About my practice

I practice general dermatology and Mohs micrographic surgery. I enjoy working with children, nonagenarians and everyone in between. I believe the mind and body connection is extremely important. We know that some diets, stress and lack of sleep affect skin, hair and nails and contribute to more inflammation in the body. I love learning about people as individuals. It is important for me to understand how work, family and hobbies contribute to a patient’s lifestyle and can possibly affect their skin. I strive to work as a team with my patients to treat their skin conditions. Early detection and prevention is the best medicine – and this is especially true in dermatology. In my field, we are able to screen for and detect skin cancers, infections and rashes before they become large and spread. I value teaching patients about sun protection, self skin checks and understanding what abnormal spots and moles look like. I perform skin surgery and I enjoy teaching people about wound care and skin healing. Mohs micrographic surgery is a specialized microscopic surgical technique invented to ensure all skin cancer cells are completely removed the day of surgery. Mohs surgery achieves the smallest surgery and lowest chance the skin cancer would ever come back. I work to achieve the best possible cosmetic result for each patient, from very minor procedures to large facial reconstructions.

How I thrive

Mind and body connection is important in regulating skin conditions. When people experience extreme stress or sleep deprivation, the biology of their hair, nails and skin changes. I try to discuss this with my patients and take this to heart for myself as well. The simplest things matter – I try to drink healthy amounts of water and get a good night sleep each night before I spend time with my patients. Something I really enjoy is learning about other people’s culture. I love watching movies like documentaries and reading biographies to learn about what is important to people and what makes them tick.