About Me

My interest in medicine was evident as early as middle school. Growing up in a small town in Ohio, I developed relationships with many doctors at our community hospital. I often watched, and eventually assisted in, many surgeries there while on breaks from college. In my eyes, these men and women were giants in the field of medicine. Their guidance and generosity was, and continues to be, inspirational. We as physicians must continue the work of our mentors in providing leadership and modeling behavior through our words and actions.

About my practice

I am currently the lead physician of the Cumberland Medical Center Ob/Gyn team. While this job involves some administrative duties, I enjoy more the daily interactions with members. Some of my special interests are in gynecologic surgery and in problems involving infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss.

How I thrive

My hobbies include golf, tennis and hiking. I do some type of activity daily, be it biking, swimming or even just walking in the evening. I am continuing in my spiritual journey through life with my wife and partner for nearly thirty years.