About Me

I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, and am glad to be practicing with Kaiser Permanente in my home state. My lovely wife and I enjoy making the most of our living here.

About my practice

I have always had an interest in the biological sciences and subsequently, pharmacology. Being a physician seemed like a good way to apply my natural interests, do something truly intellectually stimulating, and also make a positive difference for others. I always had the idealized notion that being an internist was just how practicing medicine was supposed to be. When I entered medical school and gained exposure to all the medical specialties, I confirmed that my interests were indeed in internal medicine; I genuinely love this field of practice. The Hawaii Permanente Medical Group offers incredible support and coordination, which helps me to provide my patients with the best care possible. My fellow physicians and medical staff are collaborative and we all share the same philosophy: Patients are the center of their own care and health. We also believe in teamwork and that a physician is one member of a bigger group of health care professionals that supports our patients. To me, the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group is the optimal organization to deliver high quality care. I have regular contact with patients in a number of different ways. The most frequent and generally beneficial is the office visit, but we also communicate by telephone and email as needed. Our supportive medical staff also helps me to stay in touch with my patients. As technology continues to improve, I look forward to increasingly open communication with my patients and improvements to their medical care.

How I thrive

When I’m not working, I enjoy reading various non-medical literature and getting out to exercise three to five times a week (although I am trying to increase this). I also enjoy playing and toying with computers and audio equipment. I am an aspiring novice wood turner. Being able to set aside time to engage in non-medical activities helps me to stay balanced and I am thankful for my wonderful wife for keeping me well-grounded.