About Me

Hello! Welcome to the Kaiser Permanente. I'm an internal medicine physician working in the Family Medicine Department in Oxnard. My passion is to help members develop their own pathway to a healthy lifestyle and longer life.


I’m originally from Venezuela. My desire to help others began when I was very young. I came to the United States looking for more opportunities for growth and to be able to help people in need. I trained in New York, working in a large and busy medical center. I completed my master's degree in clinical nutrition at Columbia University—I truly believe we are what we eat. I love to cook with my family, share with my friends, ride my bike, and play tennis. Staying active is a great way to fight aches, aging and fatigue.

About my practice

I have a great team—we all work together to care for each member. We have lots of resources for you, so please ask questions when you come in. We believe that change is possible, but it requires a team effort to make it happen. You count on us!

How I thrive

I try to eat very healthy, with plenty of vegetables and fruits each day. I also exercise regularly—it doesn’t just keep you fit, but also helps our bodies release toxins and stress, and keeps us in good health.