About Me

I was born in Iran and went to medical school at Tehran University, finishing first among all graduates in 1994. I had always wanted to complete my residency in the United States, and in 2003, I finished a residency in anesthesiology at Columbia University in New York City. I moved to the Pacific Northwest because I enjoy the beautiful scenery and the people.

About my practice

I believe that member-care comes first--members and their needs are the most important part of my clinical approach. In anesthesiology, I see members at the time when they are most anxious, and I must do my best to decrease their concerns and make them feel better. I always try to put myself in my members' shoes to better understand how surgery will affect them, their families, their work, and their future. This way I can help them the most. I am currently the lead of the Anesthesiology Department at Kaiser Permanente Westside Medical Center.

How I thrive

I work as a doctor but live as a father and as a husband. I enjoy spending my time with my family. My life outside of work is a balance of rest, travel, dining out, and time at the gym.