About Me

I am glad to introduce myself to you as a family physician who enjoys taking care of the whole family. I think the family is the basis for how people function in our society today.


I originally came out to Southern California from Worcester, Massachusetts to do my residency at UCLA. I only planned to stay for 3 years, but my wife and I fell in love with Southern California. We have now been here for 28 years. My family is the most important thing to me, but second on the list is Boston sports-- the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, and Boston Celtics.

About my practice

I love to take care of families. My philosophy is that I take care of people from cradle to grave. I have, in some instances, three or even four generations of family members that I take care of. I also enjoy teaching and have an active role in the Family Medicine Residency in Woodland Hills. I am on faculty at the UCLA School of Medicine. I also have administrative responsibilities, so when I am not in the office, my nurse will assist you.

How I thrive

I feel the body and mind work together in a fine balance. I thrive by spending time with my family, especially my wife. I also love to jog and have been weight training for 25 years. When I have time, I also enjoy playing the piano.