About Me

My three brothers and I grew up in central Iowa on our family's farm. My mother, a school nurse, inspired me to become a doctor. I earned my medical degree at the University of Iowa, did my internship and residency at the Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center, and received a master’s degree in public health from the University of California, Berkeley. When my husband and I visited Hawaii, we were overwhelmed by the aloha spirit and the feeling of community. We’re delighted to call Maui home.

About my practice

My love for science and taking care of the sick and injured (including animals) emerged when I was a young child. While working toward an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, I decided to combine these two interests by pursuing a career as a physician.

In medical school I met a talented and compassionate pediatric neurologist who inspired me to specialize in working with children. Watching her amazing interactions with youngsters and their families quickly convinced me that pediatrics was the field for me.

To stay current in my field, I enjoy reading the journal Pediatrics every month and participating in educational modules sponsored by organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

My residency at Kaiser Permanente made me realize that I wanted to continue to work in an environment where services were all under one roof and where care was coordinated across the various specialties. Also, Hawaii Permanente Medical Group’s emphasis on preventive care, community health, and quality improvement is a dream come true for physicians like me who are interested in public health.

I strive to practice the most up-to-date medicine in a manner that helps to improve the health of children, their families, and their communities. In my experience, trust is the cornerstone to building the best working relationship between a provider and patient. It’s my goal to make sure all my patients and their family members feel comfortable talking to me about issues or concerns they have, whether big or small.

It’s extremely rewarding to talk to my young patients about what excites them and hear about what they’re learning in school. I love to watch their faces light up when they talk about something they enjoy doing, such as a reading a new book or learning to swim.

How I thrive

My husband and I exercise together almost every day. We love walking and biking on Maui, and of course spending time at the beach. I enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, reading, learning Russian, and sending lots of postcards and letters to friends and families.