About Me

I love the practice of obstetrics and gynecology as I enjoy women's care. I feel women's care is incredibly vital to the care of the whole family, as women are often the gatekeepers to health care in the family. It gives me great pleasure to take care of our members in the adolescent, reproductive, menopausal and post-menopausal stages of their lives.

About my practice

I work with a group of dedicated physicians, nurse-midwives, nurse practitioners and staff to ensure high-quality service to each of our patients. We work well and efficiently together to make your visit as pleasant and productive as possible. I am committed to providing the best service and prompt care to our members. I also believe that you play a vital role in your own health. I involve my patients in every aspect of their health care needs.

How I thrive

I believe the mind, body and soul are all connected to each other. I relax by playing tennis, participating in outdoor activities, drawing, writing and listening to music. I enjoy spending time in the company of friends and family. Volunteer work is also important to me. It is a way to give back and reach out to communities in need. I have a strong faith, which compels me to love and go the extra mile for each and every person, regardless of their situation or circumstances in life.