About Me

I moved to Portland in 2006 from Indianapolis, Indiana. I am so excited to be around the mountains and pursue my love for hiking and skiing. The access to mountain outdoor activities is amazing, which was a night and day difference from the Midwest. I was excited to find Kaiser Permanente in Portland after finishing my residency in Detroit, Michigan. I had an early love for medicine which was probably influenced by being in a family with a long history of physicians. I enjoy the fast pace and constant change that emergency medicine brings, and pursued my training in Detroit, the birthplace of the emergency medicine specialty. The Kaiser Permanente philosophy appeals to me since it is very focused on preventative medicine, which allows me to treat not just the current problem but the overall health of my patients.

About my practice

I work in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center. The best part of my job is helping patients through their illness or injury. It is the best feeling to make an immediate difference with these patients. I also work in the Regional Telephonic Medical Center (RTMC), where I talk to patients on the phone to see how I can get the best care in the most efficient way for them. The RTMC provides an avenue for patients to talk to a doctor right away and decide how best to treat or manage their symptoms or illness.

How I thrive

Pursuing life with a positive attitude and hard work has always been a core to my personal philosophy. I try to get outside and partake in some activity such as hiking, jogging, skiing, biking, or walking my dog. Staying active with something for at least 30 minutes a day helps me feel healthier and sharper mentally. I always try to read a variety of sources to broaden my knowledge whether it be medical journals, various magazines, or books. I think it is important to explore different types of topics so you are a well rounded individual.