About Me

Hello. My name is Behrouz Namdari. I am a psychiatrist specializing in both addiction and child/adolescent psychiatry. My goal is to help members by bringing joy and fulfillment back to their lives.


I grew up in sunny Southern California and went to UCLA for my bachelor’s degree in psychobiology. It was there that I knew I wanted to be a psychiatrist, as I found the brain so intriguing. I went to medical school in Chicago, where I experienced my first winters, followed by my psychiatry and child/adolescent psychiatry training at Duke University in North Carolina. I still am a Bruin at heart, although I have to cheer on my Blue Devils as well.

About my practice

I helped open the first dual diagnosis clinic (caring for members with substance use disorders as well as mental health disorders) for Kaiser Permanente in Laguna Hills. I am supported by nurses and therapists who also feel that the interaction between the 2 cannot be ignored and separated. We provide services that include medical detox off of alcohol and opioids, comprehensive addiction and mental health therapy options, and pharmacological management for mental health disorders.

How I thrive

I live a healthy life by spending time with my family. We enjoy going for walks, reading, and playing in the park.