About Me

I am a native of St. Louis, Missouri. I attended undergraduate training in biochemistry at University of Missouri Columbia. Prior to medical school, I volunteered full time for one year at a homeless shelter in the Pacific Northwest. During this time, I grew to appreciate the benefits of living in the Northwest. I returned to Missouri to complete medical school and residency training. I introduced my wife to the Northwest with a series of vacations. She also appreciated the green environment, with the coast and mountains nearby. The relaxed, friendly culture was very welcoming. After training, we relocated to Portland, Oregon and have been very happy with our decision.

About my practice

I truly enjoy the practice of anesthesiology. It provides a rare combination of patient interaction, hands on work, and cerebral stimulation. The team approach at Kaiser Permanente also provides what I believe to be a more satisfying and safer approach to anesthesia care.

How I thrive

I believe a balance of professional work, family life, and personal interests, leads to benefits for all of those involved. It is a pleasure to work with my colleagues and patients in an environment that recognizes the importance of this balance.