About Me

I moved to the Northwest in 1996 after spending the majority of my life on the East Coast. All my training was there, except for my maternal-fetal medicine fellowship which was completed in Memphis, Tennessee. I chose to practice high risk obstetrics (perinatology) because I think attending deliveries is one of the happiest possible obstetrics for a physician. The challenge of helping patients who have struggled in prior pregnancies, who have medical obstetrics problems, or whose babies have abnormalities diagnosed while in-utero led me to sub specialize in this area.

About my practice

In my practice, I see patients who have serious medical problems before pregnancy or have had a history of a serious complication in a prior pregnancy. I also see patients whose fetuses have abnormalities diagnosed in utero. My office has ultrasound, genetic counseling, fetal monitoring, social work and expert registered nurse case managers who all work in concert with me and my fellow perinatologists. I perform genetic amniocentesis as well as intrauterine fetal blood sampling and transfusion when needed. My partners and I are trained to read ultrasound in addition to our general training in obstetrics. I see patients during their pregnancy or for consultation when they have serious risk factors and are considering pregnancy. I follow only patients who are pregnant. In addition to caring for patients in my office, I am able to assist with care of patients being seen in all the Northwest region obstetrics departments. If your obstetric provider requests it, I (or one of my partners) can review your care and make recommendations for the care you receive at your local OB/GYN office. The variety of work I do here at Kaiser Permanente Northwest is what I like the most about practicing in this group.

How I thrive

I thrive by spending time outside work with friends and family. I love to play tennis and cook. When school vacations allow, I enjoy traveling with my family to see new places.