About Me

I was born in Los Angeles, moved with my family to Kailua when I was still an infant, and returned to California for college and medical school. After working on the Mainland for a few years, I really missed my family and the Islands. My husband and I were very happy when the opportunity arose to move back.

About my practice

My mother, Dr. Wilma Kam, is a retired Kaiser Permanente pediatrician. From a young age I spent time at her clinic in Honolulu and saw the positive difference she made in people's lives. She has been my source of inspiration and valued mentor. My choice of a pediatrics specialty, therefore, was an obvious one. It's extremely satisfying to me to provide preventive care to children when they are healthy and to provide support and treatment when they are sick. I also appreciate the opportunity to monitor their health through the years and help steer their lifestyle choices in a positive direction as they develop from infants into young adults.I am a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. To keep up with current medical research, I attend medical conferences and also do my own review of the literature.I was happy to join the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group because of its focus on building strong connections with patients and its use of innovative and collaborative approaches to medicine. I am impressed with how cooperatively and collegially fellow physicians, specialists, and staff members work together in delivering high-quality care.My philosophy is to treat patients like my own family. My goal is to work with them and their families as a team and to include them in decision-making. I most enjoy the physical exam process because that's when I'm able to focus on interacting with the children and learning about them as individuals. I love to see their eyes light up when they talk to me about their favorite things.

How I thrive

I strive to be healthy by following a vegetarian diet, being physically active, and balancing work and play. Outside of clinic I enjoy spending time with my family, going to church, soaking up the sun, bodyboarding, watching movies, and trying out new restaurants.