About Me

I am a native of Georgia, and I have lived in various parts of the state throughout my life. I appreciate the benefits of living close to a large, diverse city while also being able to enjoy the natural beauty Georgia has to offer. I attended college at Georgia State University and remained in the Atlanta area to complete my doctoral work at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology. I chose a career in psychology; or rather it chose me, because I could not imagine a more rewarding professional path. My work involves helping people connect with their life stories, identify and work through difficult emotions, establish personal goals and celebrate their resilience.

About my practice

As a clinical psychologist in Kaiser Permanente's Behavioral Health Department, I offer a number of services to members. I have training and experience with psychological assessment, biofeedback, group therapy and individual therapy. While I work with members facing a variety of concerns, my practice is primarily focused on substance abuse, eating disorders, depressive and anxiety disorders, and interpersonal trauma. Regardless of the member's presenting concern, my initial goals are to form a connection, develop an understanding of what brings the member to counseling, and work together to establish goals. My approach varies depending on the unique needs of each member. I am guided by an underlying belief that relational and cultural experiences have a powerful impact on how we relate to ourselves, engage with others and cope with emotions. My intent as a psychologist is to help each member address thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may be hindering their wellness and personal goals.

How I thrive

I thrive by checking in with myself throughout the day and honoring my needs as often as possible. I have also learned to establish diverse goals and challenge myself in ways that feel meaningful to me. Challenging myself and setting goals has helped me realize the benefits of regular exercise and the joy of finding new hobbies. I also thrive by maintaining healthy relationships and remembering the importance of asking for help when needed.