About Me

Hello. I’m an Emergency Department physician at Kaiser Permanente in Fontana, and have been since 1990.


I grew up in California, and did most of my schooling here. I completed my residency in 1988 at Loma Linda University Medical Center. I am glad that you’ve chosen Kaiser Permanente as your health care partner. Having a father who practiced medicine allowed me to experience medicine before I actually decided to practice. My family is originally from Spain though they later settled in Puerto Rico. I did some studying in Puerto Rico, and I find that being able to speak two languages (English and Spanish) helps with member care. I have three children. They’re active, play sports, love to ski, and spend time with their friends. We enjoy our family vacations and usually do an extended family camping trip each year.

About my practice

I love my job. I enjoy my time at work and my time away from work. I believe that in the active and demanding job of medicine, where we have to be sharp and able to handle every problem that comes our way, we must be alert and ready to help in any way possible. Recharging my batteries away from work is as important to me as the work I do in the hospital. In the Emergency Department, we often have the benefit of multiple doctors with a variety of training, and that gives our members a comprehensive treatment opportunity.

How I thrive

Outside of work, I lead a very active life. Not only do I have a wonderful wife, but three very active children who, in turn, keep me active. I run with my children, logging up to 40 miles per week. I enjoy most sports, and am currently on my church softball team. When I have free time outside of family duties, I enjoy watching movies and reading.