About Me

I grew up just outside of Chicago, Illinois and attended medical school there as well. My training after medical school took me to New Mexico for a few years, then back to the mid-west to Detroit, Michigan. I've been here in Portland, Oregon since 1998, and it's been a terrific fit for my family, a town with rich culture to offer for it's livable size. My practice of medicine has really been geared towards helping the "underdog", and in my case, this has meant a specialty in headache, a population of people who have often not gotten the best attention and care.

About my practice

I have been in practice in the department of Neurology at Kaiser Permanente Northwest since 1998. Over these years, I have developed a full clinic with a specialty in headache care. I find there is great need for experienced care in headache sufferers. Although the great majority of people with headaches do well on their own, for those with chronic, debilitating headache conditions, there have been many advances in recent years. I have always felt that headache patients were "underdogs", and deserved as serious an approach to improving their lives as we can provide.

How I thrive

I enjoy sports (participating, not watching), cooking, and travel, all good for the mind, body and spirit!