About Me

Howdy! That's how we greet people where I grew up in Houston, Texas. Although you won't find a trace of a Texas drawl in my speech, I still have lots of friends and family in the Lone Star State, and visit frequently. In Texas, we value a warm welcome and a friendly smile! That’s what you’ll get when you visit me at my office.


I feel fortunate to practice bariatric medicine, also known as weight management medicine. My interest in this area stems from my own lifelong struggle with weight. I was overweight as a child. My pediatrician would chide my mother, "Ma'am, this boy has to lose weight!" As a teen, I was not picked for athletic teams, and consequently, never got into organized sports. Training to be a physician, with the high stress, chronic sleep deprivation, and 36-hour shifts contributed even more to my existing problem. I began to see that I had a lot in common with my patients, and wanted to learn more about how I could better myself as well as the patients I serve. I tried diets, programs, consultations with dieticians and physical trainers, and support groups.I am the father of two, and love spending time with my family.

About my practice

My current practice is a combination of what I have learned through my personal struggle as well as lessons from modern medicine. I feel very fortunate that I have a job where helping my patients also helps me!

How I thrive

Thriving is VERY important to me – it is the essence of my medical practice and my personal journey. To me, it means finding balance and improving my physical, emotional, and intellectual self. I believe this begins and ends with relationships with people who share these goals. From a physical perspective, I try to get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep, and I enjoy workout classes at my gym, hiking with friends, and yoga. From an emotional perspective, I cherish time with my family. I volunteer to mentor 12th graders, and also volunteer in a San Bernardino free clinic. From an intellectual perspective, I enjoy learning about human behavior, and my work constantly challenges me in this area.