About Me

I am a clinical social worker licensed in Oregon. I am a graduate of Wheaton College in Massachusetts where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I obtained my Master of Social Work from Portland State University in 2005. I worked as an individual, group, and couples therapist at Lifeworks Northwest providing community mental health services to adults seeking help with addiction, trauma, and life skills. I now work in the Department of Psychiatry at Kaiser Permanente in the Portland area and have continued providing individual and group therapy there for the past seven years.

About my practice

Feel stuck? Confused? Embarrassed? Overwhelmed by emotion? Frustrated? You shouldn't have to suffer so much. You have the ability to create a better life. Each person can learn to let go of old patterns, utilize their talents, and create a life that includes peace and enjoyment. Yes, we each experience pain in life but there are ways to process the hard times and feelings so that it doesn't sting so much. My commitment is to help people feel less of that sting and to move through life with more freedom and flexibility.

How I thrive

I seek balance in my life-- time for quiet, time for friends, time for rest and time for activity. It seems to be what I need. I appreciate the dear people in my life, natural beauty, and people's capacity for ongoing growth.