About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I am one of the pediatricians at the Kaiser Permanente Corona Medical Offices.


I was born and raised in a tropical, humid town in western Mexico where torrential rains keep landscapes beautiful and green. I am the oldest of six siblings. We all got a full education, thanks to my parents, who encouraged each one of us to complete our studies. After I graduated from medical school, I married a colleague and came to the United States. After my husband and I completed our pediatrics training, we both started working for Kaiser Permanente in 1989. Presently our life is busy with work, two daughters in college, and a son in high school. We enjoy vacationing together and visiting new places.

About my practice

Being a pediatrician in sunny California allows me to follow families with diverse cultural backgrounds and a range of ideas and beliefs. I have learned so much from them! A healthy patient-physician relationship can have a very positive impact on your life. I believe that continuity of care is essential to providing a healthy rapport with families and their children.

How I thrive

I enjoy yoga, swimming, and jogging. As a family we like to play tennis. Fishing is also a favorite family activity.