About Me

I moved back to Colorado to be closer to my family and to complete my education at the University of Colorado. I enjoy practicing in my field as a body imaging radiologist because I can make a difference in caring for emergency patients by interacting with their emergency care providers.

About my practice

My practice focuses on body imaging, and I’m especially interested in emergency radiology. I was an emergency medicine physician for several years prior to pursuing radiology. I work as a team with our providers to coordinate patient care. I communicate with and guide these providers to order the most appropriate exams for their patients. I also explain complicated imaging findings to help guide care. My goal is to provide the most appropriate care for my patients, so they aren't spending extra time or money to get the care they deserve.

How I thrive

I thrive in the community by volunteering with Wishes for Wheels to provide funding and help build bikes for kids who would otherwise not have the means to afford a bike. My hobbies include spending time with my family and cycling with my friends, as well as hiking.