About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I work in the nephrology department in Orange County. I wish you all health and happiness, but if you are in need of kidney care, I'm here to help.


I grew up in California and, after finishing college here, I moved to Illinois to get a master's degree and then to Pennsylvania for medical school. I returned to California to do my internal medicine training. I found kidney disease to be the most challenging condition, which piqued my interest in the field. I subsequently did a nephrology fellowship and now am back home in Orange County.

About my practice

I am one of several nephrologists serving the Orange County region. Being diagnosed with kidney disease can be very scary for patients, as they often feel well in spite of their disease. We strive to educate our members so that they can be more knowledgeable of the disease process, which in turn helps them address their concerns with better understanding. The beauty of care at Kaiser Permanente is the comprehensive team approach in which you are considered a member of your own health care team—in addition to the physician, nurse, clinical managers, social worker, dietitian, and pharmacist.

How I thrive

I think it’s important to practice what I preach. Thus, I make an effort to exercise at least five days a week, whether it’s doing sit-ups, using light weights, hiking, or getting on the treadmill. When I make my rounds at the hospital, I try to take the stairs (four to six flights) at least once a day rather than the elevator. I love to spend quality time with my family and friends. I also enjoy gardening and doing home improvement projects. One of my favorite things to do is sleep. For me, it’s a very relaxing and healthy pastime, and a great way to relieve stress.