About Me

I grew up in central Ohio where my father was the head librarian at a small liberal arts college. I learned to love books early. From the real world of biographies on such individuals as Albert Schweitzer and Gandhi, to the fictional worlds of David Copperfield, Jean Valjean, and the Count of Monte Cristo, to the imaginary world of Madeline L'Engle. One thing stood out for me; in ways both big and small, people can help bring relief into the lives of others. I wanted to be like my heros and heroines. Between my desire to help others and the guidance of a teacher and mentor, I found myself entering the field of medicine.

About my practice

Though I have been practicing medicine for twenty years, I joined Kaiser Permanente in November of 2014. As an internist, my practice is limited to the care of adults and I will be doing so in extended care facilities and the hospital. I am likely to meet you when you are most vulnerable. My desire is to provide you with the best possible care and ease your journey by helping you understand what is going on, keeping you informed, and striving to understand and honor your goals for care.

How I thrive

Outside my career, my interests vary and change. I've enjoyed hiking, kayaking, basketball games and the highlander games at our local Highlander Festival. I attended art shows in Toronto, Canada, Denver, Colorado, LA, Paris, Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon and tried gardening. I enjoy listening to NPR on weekends and I'm glad to say, thanks to our local library's reading contest every winter, I'm back into reading.