About Me

Thank you for visiting my Web page.


I enjoy being a family medicine physician for many reasons, but probably the one thing I like the most is my relationship with my patients. I get to take care of the whole family - that means mom, dad, the kids, and sometimes even the grandparents.

About my practice

I like to have my patients be involved in their health care decisions. I present my diagnosis and give options on what we can do, and then inform them as much as I can so they can make an educated decision. I want my patients to follow the recommendations and feel free to tell me if it is or is not helping them.

How I thrive

My philosophy about staying healthy is that there are some things we can do every day that would help to improve and maintain our health, such as eating well, exercising and laughing. I like to hike, swim and go to the gym. I do not diet and I do not recommend it, but I do follow a healthy lifestyle.