About Me

Welcome! I invite each and every one of you to read my Web page to find out more about me and my practice at Kaiser Permanente. I hope you will find it interesting and informative.


I was born and raised in Cincinnati and all of my education has been in Ohio. I went to Denison University and the University of Cincinnati for undergraduate studies. I attended the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and did my postgraduate internship at Cincinnati General Hospital. Upon completion of my education, I moved to Southern California and began my professional career with Kaiser Permanente, and I have been a member of the professional staff for over 35 years-a long and fruitful career in medicine. I am a board-certified family physician. I am a founding physician of the Department of Family Medicine. I have just completed 12 years as assistant chief of the department and have passed the administrative torch to some of our younger physicians. I love the science of medicine, but I became a physician because I am a people person. What better profession is there in which to interact with others?

About my practice

I am a true believer that taking care of families enables me to be a better physician for each family member. Knowing the family as a whole allows me to have more insight into better care for the individual patient. I encourage entire families to come under my care, from their babies to their grandparents. I have a special interest in the care of seniors, but at the same time I enjoy providing guidance to teenagers. Taking care of infants and children has been a tremendously rewarding experience throughout my career. As complex as medicine is today, a physician cannot do it alone. Our office staff consists of many skilled individuals who are dedicated to enhancing the patient care experience. The most important member of that team is my nurse, whom most of my patients know as well as they know me. We have a complete staff of registered nurses who provide a high level of nursing care, including wound care, triage of ill patients, and telephone advice.

How I thrive

As a physician, I know that my most healthy patients have a healthy lifestyle and take care of themselves both physically and emotionally. Good health starts at home by maintaining a healthy diet, not smoking, watching your weight, exercising, allowing time for family, and yes--wearing your seat belt all the time. I try to practice what I preach and it isn't easy. I do watch my weight, exercise, and yes, I do wear my seat belt all the time. I do find it hard to break away from the office for more free time with my family. I am married to a former Kaiser Permanente nurse and we have a large family with six grown children and one teenager still at home. We also have five grandchildren whom we love to spoil. Most of my free time over the years has been obviously devoted to childrearing, but I do enjoy gardening and do-it-yourself projects around the house as my main hobbies. I thrive by truly loving my profession and my family and by living a healthy lifestyle.