About Me

I'm a Midwest native, born and raised in western Michigan. I spent several years in medical training on both coasts, in Manhattan and San Diego. I started my career at a Big 10 university medical center where I taught, performed research and practiced rheumatology for four years.

About my practice

I am your advocate. Patient education is vital to my rheumatology practice. I will teach you about your disease, tell you your options, and discuss the risks versus benefits extensively. I use shared decision-making at every encounter. Reaching me should be very easy. You are welcome to ask me questions by email, phone or video visit if you don’t need an in-person appointment. My practice is open to all adults above the age of 18 who have rheumatologic disease or if your primary care doctors or other specialists note rheumatologic concerns.

How I thrive

My family – particularly my daughter – is my energy, my ambition, and how I thrive. Watching her grow is the greatest blessing. I also strive to make a difference in my career. I need to leave for home each day knowing that the time I've spent has accomplished something significant. I also enjoy cars, camping and biking.