About Me

From a very young age, I was inspired to become a physician. I was born in India to a family of doctors, both my parents and several uncles and aunts were physicians. I could not imagine being anything else, and I am grateful to practice medicine. I came to the United States for my residency in Internal Medicine. During my residency, I had an Oncology rotation alongside a wonderful physician that I greatly respected. Around this time, I also had a dear family member who had cancer. The combination of the two led to my deep interest in medical oncology.

About my practice

I feel that oncology is one of the disciplines in which you take care of the patient as a whole - the mental, physical, emotional well-being of the patient and their family as well. I am a general oncologist, and I believe in providing the best possible care for my patients. I am always open to discussing issues with other providers if my patient?s care requires. I will talk to ten different people if I feel that will help me form the best plan for my patients. I do believe that diet, meditation, exercise, natural medicine, and acupuncture can also have a place in medical oncology. This is especially important to me because of my eastern background. I spent two years in private practice, and I wanted to concentrate on Oncology and treating patients, not the business of oncology. I love the focus this practice allows. Kaiser Permanente allows me to achieve a work life balance and time with my family.

How I thrive

Family is very important to me. I spend a lot of my spare time with my family. I am an avid tennis player and I have also started to develop an interest in running.