About Me

I was born in the Philippines and my family moved to Hawaii four years later when my father joined the U.S. Navy. After moving around for many years, I finally returned to Hawaii to raise my own children in what I came to know as paradise. We traveled extensively as a result of my father’s service and I consider that introduction to cultural diversity invaluable. Today I enjoy any opportunity to share my life experiences with patients in our own diverse community.

About my practice

Interestingly, an aptitude test in college led me towards the field of health care, and away from my initial plan to be a photojournalist. I went on to pursue a medical degree and worked to develop and support free clinics for underserved Asian and Hispanic communities in Southern California. In my third year of medical school I became interested in all medical and surgical specialties so I decided to practice family medicine, realizing it gave me the greatest breadth of medical care every day. As a physician with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group I enjoy the stability of the organization and the patient-centered method of delivering the best possible care to our members. I am also privileged to be serving as an advocate for the health plan member, giving guidance on reliable and affordable medical care. As clinic chief of the Kapolei clinic, I am honored to provide medical services along with administrative duties to continually assess and improve the level of care we deliver. I truly believe in prevention and the promotion of wellness. I enjoy interactions with open minded members who are excited about seeking advice and taking initiative in living a healthy life. I encourage my patients to use kp.org which is a great source of information for wellness. Whenever possible, I spend time mentoring medical school students throughout the year.

How I thrive

I try to keep a balance between my work and family life which keeps me mentally healthy. I stay fit by playing golf and enjoy playing at a competitive level whenever possible. I also enjoy gourmet cooking which satisfies my love for food. I love a good movie and have enjoyed more travel and travel photography in recent years.