About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my allergy practice. I feel very fortunate to work in the allergy department at the Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center, particularly because I get to work with a terrific group of people, including our allergy nurses, receptionists, and medical assistants. I truly believe we have a great team here. All of our staff is devoted to providing the best possible care and service for our allergy patients.


I'm from Cleveland originally, grew up mostly in Southern California, and graduated from medical school at UCLA. I still love the Cleveland Indians and the Cleveland Browns, for better or for worse (mostly for worse, as any Cleveland fan will tell you). I love the ocean, surfing, and most of all, spending time with my family.

About my practice

Our team works together in the allergy department to help our members identify and treat their allergies. We perform testing to identify allergies to environmental agents such as pollens, animal dander, molds, and dust mites. We also perform testing for foods that commonly cause allergic reactions. Based on the results of these tests, we make recommendations to help members manage their allergic conditions. Please come visit us at our brand new allergy clinic located in the Kaiser Permanente Carson Medical Offices in Gardena.

How I thrive

I believe that exercise is a key to good health, so I try to exercise every day. I will admit that I am not always successful. Any day that I can get out on the water is a day that I am happy, because to me, being in the ocean provides both exercise and enjoyment. If there are no waves (which is often), I just paddle. The best days for me are those spent with my family.