About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. I am a bilingual pediatrician at the Stockdale Medical Offices. Finding a pediatrician whose personality and methods of care fit you and your child's needs is crucial, and it is my hope that this Web page will assist you in that decision-making process.


I spent my youth in Lima, Peru, and came to the United States about 30 years ago to practice medicine. I have an older brother who is also a physician. He and some of my professors taught me to help others with compassion and dedication.

About my practice

I feel privileged to share in the concerns and care of children and their families. The goal of helping them grow healthy in body and mind is what motivates my daily practice, and I work with families to find solutions that best fit their lifestyles. I feel my colleagues at Kaiser Permanente share this vision.

How I thrive

I make sure I take the time to remind myself that I am alive and that life is beautiful. I do this by tending my garden and my pets, or sometimes just taking a quiet moment outside by myself to close my eyes, feel the breeze, and relax. Humor is a daily tool to refresh my soul. Being able to laugh – especially at myself, helps me put things into perspective, and I find that a good laugh cures a lot of problems. I enjoy walks with my kid and playing with our pets. I also like to give thanks everyday for what I have and can contribute to others.