About Me

I was born and raised in California. My maternal grandmother was a nurse in Oakland. She encouraged my love of science, and inspired me to join the medical profession. My wife is also a physician who specializes in pathology. We enjoy many similar interests including exercise, cooking, literature and politics. Our passion for travel takes us to different islands in the Caribbean yearly.

About my practice

The department of radiology is dedicated to excellence in the field of medical imaging. We strive to make our department accessible, and diligently work to give prompt imaging interpretations. I have always had a fascination with technology, which makes my specialty a perfect match. I have been the physician lead in our radiant project, integrating the radiology department in the electronic medical record. Currently, I am the radiology representative in the implementation of the Kaiser Permanente Georgia region's electronic imaging archive (PACS), which will store all computed tomography (CTs), magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), ultrasounds, and X-rays on computer. I am a member of the Medical Imaging Archive Counsel overseeing communication between the medical imaging departments in Kaiser Permanente across the country. I have worked as a lead physician in both computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

How I thrive

Exercise is essential to my well-being. Aerobic activity and resistance training are part of my daily regimen. Bicycling and walking allow me to enjoy the outdoors and recharge my spirit. My passion for medicine, current events, literature, and music stimulate my mind. The love and support of friends and family strengthen me each day.