About Me

I am originally from Chicago. After a 24 year Army career, my wife and I decided to settle in the Pacific Northwest. I am a second generation osteopathic oncologist, having the unusual grace of having a grandmother who was a physician. Her experience and knowledge fueled my interest caring for cancer patients. After receiving a PhD in immunology, I decided that my true love was to care for patients.

About my practice

I approach the care of patients with malignant disorders in an integrative way, focusing on the least toxic way of controlling or reversing the condition. Attention to lifestyle factors such as nutrition, stress, and toxic occupational, personal and environmental exposures are foundational to healing the patient with cancer. Judicious use of chemotherapy and radiation to gain control of the tumor may be needed and can be incorporated into a holistic program of both anti-cancer fighting strategies and life supportive technologies such as meditation, stress reduction, nutrition and body based approaches such as osteopathic manipulative therapies and massage therapy.

How I thrive

Attention to the three levels of human existence; body, mind and spirit, increase my well being. A plant based diet combined with a daily exercise and mindfulness practice has enabled me to function in my busy life as physician, father and husband. Being an active and engaged father to my four children, cooking and long distance running are my basic thriving tools.